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shut the fuck up about evangelion

zankoku na tenshi no freaking way

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drew these for my aunt’s birthday yesterday

references taken from random google images, for anatomy <3

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今日抹茶を作っている 🍵

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Makoto tries to back away, but the wall has him trapped as Haru leans into him and kisses him, his mouth half-open, his lips pliant and soft.  Their teeth clack together a few times, but Makoto still finds himself feeling light-headed as Haru sucks his bottom lip between his two, biting down on it gently and eliciting a faint moan from the back of Makoto’s throat. 


This fic screwed me over so bad and it was amazing. Had we but world enough, and time by anditwasstinky (thewicked). It’s long and cute and AMAZING and all I ever needed.

I guess friends you can welcome me on the dark side. *~*

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クッキーアイス / アイスミルク

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heavenly sky ▪ do not edit.

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by もげこ
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